This is just a page for stuff I wanna keep an eye out for.

I'll add whatever you wanna add for yourself too :3

I like making these pages because we can open them up any time and use it like a checklist that will always be available as long as there's internet. I'm adding the Japanese titles too so when things are sorted into categories or when we're looking at like, book spines, we have a reference.

series to keep in mind and look out for, get the other's attention when we find something

(mostly stuff we really love or stuff that is less current or less common/popular, no need to list stuff like Love Live or whatever is absolutely everywhere lol)

Our best characters

useful at comiket ^^

Let's look out for Yui too :3

Grail / Extremely want H2F

send me MFC links or pics and I'll add em here! This is a super important list imo XD two heads are better than one when we're goods hunting